Who is Cats Eye Pottery & Studio


My name is Jenny Hord, I am the owner of Cats Eye Pottery & Studio. I am a potter, photographer, artist and farmer. I enjoy creating things from the inspiration of nature and wildlife around me, and attempting to capture that inner energy into each piece of my work.


My earlier artistic background is in charcoal drawing and acrylic painting, but I was drawn to pottery about 8 years ago. I was initially introduced to it through a local arts class that was being given on wheel throwing.  However, I found that I loved the art of hand building the best. Most of my hand building work has been self taught and researched, and serves as the greatest part of my inspiration. The aspect of pottery that I adore the most would be creating something beautiful out of what was once just a simple ball of clay….but a very close second would be the drawing, stamping and painting on each piece once its created. This second adoration allows me to combine my all time love of drawing and painting with my love of clay.

Cats Eye Pottery & Studio is located on my farm along Cold Brook in the beautiful mountains of West Brookfield Vermont. The farm was originally the Blanchard Farm and built in the mid 1800’s and still retains the some of its original barns and outbuildings, but the homestead is long gone. Its history is enhanced by incredible wildlife, including the migratory bird route in the spring and fall. It serves as an incredible inspiration for my creativity and imagination.




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If you would like to order something special, please contact me directly catseyepottery@gmail.com or convo me through Etsy.

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