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Doily impressed bowls made using tree burl bowl molds….




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Cats Eye Studio is a place of daily transition and creation. This page is designed to show you how pottery is created here.

I believe each potter and artist has methods that are unique to them and what they create. This page will be dedicated to demonstrating the unique processes that go into creating the pottery here at Cats Eye Pottery  & Studio.



No pottery is created without great clay! It is the base ingredient for pottery and is particularly special because it comes in different colors and consistencies. Both matter for different reasons.  I especially like to work with white, brown & speckled stoneware.




I like to create using a mix of hand building and wheel throwing methods. Wheel throwing gives me a sense of zen… symmetry, form and consistency…while hand built pieces lend to organic, free flowing shapes that fit the nooks and crannies of my hand beautifully. I enjoy both free~form hand building and using unique molds. I enjoy using molds that are made from naturally occurring forms such as tree burls & coconut shells. This creates an organic feel, for each piece is truly unique from the others and are not exact in form. It is their imperfections in shape and form that add to their beauty.



Once the piece is created, there is a varying window of time to stamp, draw, impress, shape or cut the clay to get the results desired. I truly enjoy this part. My favorite tools to use are natural leaves and doily’s. I love walking around the farm and through the gardens collecting fresh leaves to create unique designs in the clay. In the seasons where there are an absence of leaves…I enjoy using stamps and antique doily’s for impressions in the clay.



Once the pieces are dry, they are fired, and then are ready for color. Underglazes and glazes can be applied in different thicknesses, combined layers, and patterns to create different effects. The glazes will look completely different over different color clays.

Glaze test tiles….





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