The Photography Studio

Although pottery is where I spend most of my creative time….photography is a close second. I have been a camera worshiper since I was a little girl. I love to be behind the camera and in front of it. I remember the days when photo was nearly sacred….every time you clicked… you waited for that piece of paper to creak out of the Polaroid and you hoped no one had their eyes closed in the photo! I truly revel in the fact that those days are long gone for me and I can happily click and tweak away without fear nor waste. But even as I write that….I enjoy pulling out my 35 mm cameras and shooting…. more than I do on my iphone. Lucky for me, its the best of both worlds.




This page will be dedicated to my photography. I take photos of the nature around me. Most of my work consists of nature, animals and landscapes. I enjoy attempting to capture the ~* feel *~ that something or some place gives me.



I will continue to add new photos here as I can. Please also look for my upcoming photography category in my etsy store where my photography will be available for sale framed.



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