The Farm




I am originally from Louisa Virginia. Once graduating from Virginia Tech, I returned to my old home place from childhood to find it was quickly getting developed. What once was miles of animal filled forests, streams and ponds….had become sub-division after sub-division…house after house. It felt stifling. I needed that freedom to roam that I’d had as a kid. Added to another addiction that I had developed from college….mountains and big sky.



After vacationing in Vermont several times and falling in love with the Green Mountains, I moved.The first time I stepped foot on the old Blanchard Farm I was instantly in love. It was breathtakingly beautiful, full of potential and space, and loaded with wild animals, plants and trees.




It has grown into a lifestyle now, and homesteading and trading with community is now a habit. I raise organic vegetables and herbs in a very large garden and dry the herbs for gourmet salt rub recipe testing.



Sometimes we yield enough to sell the extra vegetables as well, however this has not been our focus for the past couple of years. Several years ago, I ran a local organic CSA and farm stand, and would set up at markets across central Vermont to sell produce and value added products such as jellies and salsas. Over the years it became overwhelming to try to tackle being a professional farmer and artist. I was forced to choose a path and I chose to downsize the farm and scale of gardening I was doing. In the end it worked out because I still get to continue to do what I love….farm, garden, create and meet people….just in a different perspective.



In addition to the vegetable and herb gardens, I currently raise chickens for our family. I have raised ducks turkeys, pigs and goats here in years past as well.


I look forward to this year on the farm. It is the first year that I will have my pottery and art studio here at the farm where I can create surrounded by everything that I love. Check back for updates and photos.


NEW! ** Now in Randolph VT ~ 5 Highland Ave. ~ 10-2 ~ weather permitting **

** At the farm/studio on Sundays 12-3**

Shop and purchase direct at the farm or in Randolph, or you can shop and purchase on Etsy and pick up at the farm or Randolph to avoid shipping….whichever is easiest for you. Buying online is easy, follow the instructions on the website to use ‘local pick up’ option.

Come and visit us and shop in person! Just several miles north of Randolph. Head north on Rt 12 out of Randolph VT. Travel 3-4 miles. Turn left onto Farnsworth Rd across from Snowville General Store and head up the hill about 1.5 miles. Take a right onto Blanchard Rd and take it almost a mile to the dead end and that is us! You should see signs along the way to let you know you are heading in the right direction.

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